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We have been making slow but steady progress with Operation Socialise Harry. Twice daily walks around the neighbourhood, combined with visits to friends and family (both human and canine), have gradually seen his confidence increase and he is handling his new life and all the changes associated with it like a trooper.

He’s coping well with new experiences – and even enjoying some. A wash and blow-dry at Clovelly Dog-O-Mat turned out to be a treat for our pampered pooch. Owner Lian and her staff were so kind and gentle with our new charge, he soon got over his shyness and lapped up the attention (not to mention the back massage).

Is the massage part over?

Is the massage part over?

With these small advancements we were encouraged to take him out for his first public appearance. Dinner at Thai Riffic in Randwick – and I don’t think I’m over-egging the pudding to say he caused a minor sensation.

Living in Sydney, I find strangers rarely make eye contact, never mind about striking up a conversation. But during the course of our evening we were inundated (well, at least 10 separate groups) with approaches from passers-by who had spotted Harry and were charmed.

“Is he a puppy?”

“Can I pat him?”

“Doesn’t he have the most darling little face?”

I swelled with pride at the attention garnered by our gorgeous boy. And Him Indoors, who likes to focus on his food without the distraction of conversation, was happy to let me enjoy over-dinner discussions with the good people of Randwick on the emotional rollercoaster of life with a rescue dog, thereby allowing him to eat in peace.

We hailed the night a success and a great step forward for Harry and family life. Well worth braving the wintry weather for (no outdoor heaters , sadly – which explains why we were the only diners eating outside on this bracing  evening, and possibly why we were the focus of so much attention…).

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Clovelly Dog-O-Mat: 51 Clovelly Road, Randwick. Tel: 02 9398 1900.

2 thoughts on “Mutt about town

  1. Fergus

    That sounds awesome! I’m comin up to have a beer with my, now favourite, Sydney based furry friend.
    I have been busy most of Winter developing a good secondary layering of knots in my arm/leg pits, only to have dad brush and rake them out over, what seemed like days blending into weeks….
    At least I look like a k-9 version of Adam Scott now. With a smell to match! Not that this helps with my standing with ‘the fat one’. She still treats me like a dog. She’s a stuck up festering strumpet. She has nice breath though. Smells of fish and bait prawns…
    Hope all is well in ‘the big smoke’ Harry. Btw… Were you named after a prince by any chance?
    Sniff soon.

    1. Sydney Dog Post author

      Hi Fergus! Happy to show you Sydney’s dog-friendly sights anytime. Let us know when you’re heading north – we’ll pack some dog treats and go on an adventure.


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