A dog’s breakfast

One of the most challenging aspects of dog ownership for me has been adapting to the curtailing of personal freedom.

Pre-Harry, I had no major commitments or responsibilities (other than Him Indoors, who is generally low maintenance) and have been able to come and go as I please. Now I have Harry, who needs walking twice a day (he has an enormous amount of energy for a 10-year-old dog) and bucket loads of love and attention. Long days away from home are a thing of the past – unless of course my four-legged friend is in tow.

I would happily take Harry with me wherever I go: office, shops, restaurants, bars, buses, trains… However, the rules do not always permit. I’m still discovering just how dog-friendly Sydney is but offerings like Chew Chew pet restaurant give me hope. A restaurant not just where you can take your dog inside, but in fact it’s ONLY your dog who will be served. Chew on that!

Harry peruses the menu... and likes what he sees.

Harry peruses the menu… and likes what he sees.

Owner Naoko is a Japanese pet nutrition expert, who creates organic temptations strictly for canine consumption.

Hungry humans do have the option of eating with their pet, as they’re allowed to bring in takeaway coffees and food from the regular cafe next door. Or you can just sit back and watch the dogs enjoy their gourmet experience – and some socialisation with fellow diners to boot.

One happy diner clears his plate.

One happy diner clears his plate.

Harry was delighted with his chicken risotto (from the signature menu – $9 for 200g) and wolfed it down in seconds. His table manners clearly need a little work.

Harry was especially keen to make friends with the kitchen staff.

Harry was especially keen to make friends with the kitchen staff.

Chew Chew’s menu offers a three-course set meal: chicken soup entree; a choice of mains including meat or fish; followed by either jelly, a cupcake or a doggie cappuccino to wash it all down.

Harry didn’t get to experience that feast this time around but, since they also do takeaway, he did get to enjoy seconds with a doggie bag salmon supper later that night.

Mmmm, chicken risotto.

Mmmm, chicken risotto.

Chew Chew pet restaurant: Shop 3, Railway Walk, Wollstonecraft Station, Wollstonecraft. Tel: 02 9460 7111.


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