A dog’s-eye view of Sydney’s art scene

Sydney’s temperate climate and emphasis on outdoor living certainly makes life easier for those of us who like to get out and about with our dogs. Coupled with the fact that the city hosts numerous open-air festivals and special events, it means there’s always some kind of entertainment on offer.

This week, Harry and I headed to Hyde Park to check out Art and About City of Sydney’s “festival of art in unusual places”. A cultural outing combined with a trip to the park – perfect for the pair of us. The giant snail – one of 24 dotted around Sydney for Snailovation – was proving to be a popular photo opportunity, so we duly lined up to do the honours with Harry.

I am surely better looking than this snail…

The maze of mirrored posts in FIELD looked intriguing but, since Harry has a tendency to jump at shadows (a hangover from his dark past, sadly), I didn’t think he would enjoy this one.

Sydney Life – a photographic display capturing some of the more eccentric elements of city life – was the highlight of our visit, not least because one of my favourite dogs made it into the exhibition.

The photograph of the footpath tribute to Surry Hills’ much-loved dog, Dasher (RIP), was touching and sweet; a reminder of how much happiness animals can bring into lives. This Dog of the People was mourned by an entire community when he died last year. Dasher was well known for laying on the footpath outside his home on Crown Street, offering friendship and affection to any dog-lovers who cared to stop and say hello. Patting Dasher gave me my dog “fix” back in the days before I had Harry. It’s good to see the memory of this Surry Hills institution living on.

Can we go and play ball now?

Can we go and play ball now?

As for Harry’s appreciation of the Hyde Park art works, I’m sorry to report he was non-plussed by it all and spent most of the time eyeing up the ball in my back pocket.

Someone should paint me

I am so over art.

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