Sydney dog meets Sydney pig

The eccentricities are often what making city-living so much fun and now that Harry and I are out on dog-related adventures each week, I’m seeing a whole other side of Sydney.

This was certainly the case while enjoying a stroll around Redfern Park recently, when we bumped into local celebrity, James the city pig.

There appears to be a pig in my dog park.

There appears to be a pig in my dog park.

Harry was initially a little confused to find a farmyard animal in the park, to say nothing of the fact that this “miniature” pig was 10 times the size of him. However, after a brief investigation of James’s rear end, he gave him a sniff of approval and was happy to trot along beside him.

He doesn't smell like any dog I've met before...

He doesn’t smell like any dog I’ve met before…

Following James’s lead, we sat down for a rest at Park Café on Chalmers. Adjacent to Redfern Park (off-leash before 9.30am and after 4.30pm) and Redfern Oval, it’s a popular hangout for neighbourhood dogs animals. James the pig is a regular at the café and he certainly has good taste.

We love cafes where dogs are not only welcome, but actively made a fuss of by staff, and Park Café scores top points here.

Harry had his very own water bowl delivered to the table, filled with fresh, chilled water. James also trotted over to stick his snout in and although Harry is not usually a sharer, he respected James’s size and social standing and stood back respectfully while he drank.

A happy addition to café life

A happy addition to café life

I was quite prepared to give Harry some of the delicious omelette Him Indoors’ was devouring, but a staff member came over with half a rasher of bacon (look away, James, look away!) and asked if the dog would like it. Harry did not need asking twice.

And so we all returned home from another social Sunday outing, happy as three pigs in muck.

Harry also got to socialise with some canine company.

Harry also got to socialise with some canine company.

If you have any recommendations for more dog-friendly spots in Sydney, please let us know! You can contact us through, Twitter or Facebook.

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