Stocking up for doggie date night

It’s somewhat ironic that, while places to pamper your pooch in Sydney are prolific, it’s still a challenge to have man’s best friend tag along on the most mundane of activities. Harry can sleep over at five-star hotels and enjoy gourmet dinners in dedicated pet restaurants, but he cannot set so much as a paw in the local hardware store, florist’s shop or newsagency.

It’s enough to give an impeccably house-trained pup a complex, so we like to assure Harry of his social acceptance with regular trips to establishments that actively welcome four-legged patrons.

Paws Point pet deli and boutique is a treasure trove of treats – the ideal place to stock up when you’re expecting special canine company. Harry was like the proverbial kid in a sweet shop as he inspected the extensive range of chews, pig’s ear pieces and various other animal parts, all laid out in glass lolly jars.

I can smell treats!

I can smell treats!

Him Indoors was a mixture of bewilderment and delight when he clocked the bottles of Dog Beer. I imagine he envisioned a future of boys’ nights in front of the footy, him and Harry cracking open beers and getting stuck into the pizza and pig’s ears respectively.

We eventually plumped for some Dog Beer and Pup Macarons, before taking a moment to admire all the plush toys (Chewy Vuitton, anyone?), beds, outfits and other merchandise. Paws Point really does have everything the indulgent dog-owner could wish for – and the dish of treats by the counter to reward customers never goes amiss either.

But enough of all this shopping, Harry had a date to prepare for.

Although our boy is generally disinterested in other dogs (his attitude seems to be: they can’t throw the ball and they don’t feed him so, really, what’s the point?) we are making efforts to socialise him where possible. And that night we had a rather striking West Highland Terrier calling round for a visit. Harry had bathed especially for the occasion, Jessie the westie was sporting a sleek new haircut…it was looking like game on.

Making new friends can be hard, so what better way to break the ice than with a Dog Beer? The non-carbonated, non-alcoholic and beef-flavoured “DB” – so possibly just stock water cleverly marketed – was a big hit with Harry, who liked it so much he lapped up both his and his mate’s within seconds (Harry – this is no way to impress the ladies!).


Anyone got a bottle opener?

Luckily, his companion proved to have an equally healthy appetite when she looked set to devour Harry’s Pup Macaron. On this occasion, I am pleased to report Harry behaved like a true gentleman and was happy to defer to the lady’s larger appetite.


Can we eat yet can we eat yet can we eat yet?

Paws Point, Shop 4a, 50 Macleay Street, Potts Point. Tel: 02 9360 6463.


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