A Sunday social at Sydney’s Café Bones.

On the bank of Leichhardt’s Hawthorne Canal, Café Bones is an institution among Sydney dog-lovers.

This dedicated dog-friendly eatery offers both human and canine refreshments – including the famous pupaccino – and has only outdoor seating, meaning no discrimination against patrons who think the best café company is a dog.

Harry’s Sunday session.

With the chance for some off-leash adventuring in the adjacent reserve, it’s little wonder the place is a favourite weekend destination for dogs and their owners.

It was a hive of activity when we arrived, with dogs bounding and barking, circling and sniffing, presumably in sheer excitement of being among such good company – and possibly in eager anticipation of some café treats.

Of course, we treated Harry to one of the “secret recipe” pupaccinos (a lower fat version of the beverage, the dogaccino, is available for those carrying a bit of extra “cuddle”) and a Bone Bix ($2.50 and $1 respectively).

Pupffins, liver and lamb treats are also available, and birthday cakes can be pre-ordered. The biscuit was munched in a matter of seconds but Harry was less enthusiastic about the pupaccino. That moment’s hesitation cost him his drink – it was slurped up almost immediately by one eagle-eyed pupaccino fan who spotted his chance and moved in pronto. You snooze you lose, Harry.

The pupaccino thief.

The (very cute) pupaccino thief.

We found pups and their people to be very well-behaved and responsible, making it an ideal opportunity to socialise our slightly nervous dog.

Luckily, Harry is a sharer.

Luckily, Harry is a sharer.

Harry enjoyed the obligatory bum sniff with dogs of all shapes and sizes and even accepted attention from some of the larger and more boisterous dogs.

Cafe culture canine style

Café culture canine style.

We all watched with interest as one game hound attempted to take a dip in the Hawthorne Canal (and was hastily fished out by his owner). Luckily for us, Harry doesn’t like to get his paws wet at the best of times and, for a dog that spends so many hours fastidiously cleaning himself, those murky waters held little appeal.


Pups and their people congregate at Café Bones

Café Bones, Hawthorne Canal Reserve, Leichhardt.  Tel 02 8086 2433.


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