We say I do, Harry says me too!

While demand for dog-friendly wedding venues might be limited, Harry and I would like to heartily recommend Silos Estate.

This south coast winery was the site for our recent nuptials and, since being surrounded by loved ones was a priority, of course Harry was present to oversee the event. While we drew the line at ring bearer or any other official role, it felt only natural to have our pup with us for that special weekend away.

Not only does Silos offer dog-friendly accommodation (by prior arrangement), it boasts a warm and welcoming owner who took the time to befriend our timid littler terrier.

Harry was slightly nervous on arrival (I suspect pre-wedding jitters) but was soon won over by a pig’s ear, surprisingly produced from the cellar door. The estate’s sparkling shiraz had a similarly soothing effect on us…

On the Big Day itself, Harry enjoyed a bacon and egg breakfast with the boys before spending the morning supervising the setting up.

He cut a fine figure in his Dharf bowtie and matching lead, the black and white polka dots perfectly complementing his own striking markings.

Acting as Best Dog, Harry was unusually vocal during the ceremony and let out a couple of short barks. We like to think he was trying to include himself in the formal proceedings.

While it’s not good etiquette to outshine the bride and groom on their big day, both Him Indoors and I were happy for our handsome hound to steal the show.

The excitement soon took its toll on Harry, who was happy to retire after the ceremony and enjoy a snooze and some snacks in the comfort of his own bed.

You can read more about Silos and other dog-friendly places in and around Berry here

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