Harry’s holiday with the Perfect Pet Sitter

Until airlines start allowing dogs to travel in the cabin en-route to the UK, I will, on occasion, be forced to travel without my trusty terrier in tow.

A recent visit to see family in Britain presented the dilemma of who would care for Harry while we were away. So when we heard about Perfect Pet Sitter Maralyn Nash through a post on the excellent Puppy Tales blog, we were keen to find out more about the service she offers.

When Harry discovered Maralyn was a keen ball-thrower, he was happy for her to come stay.

Maralyn is a professional pet sitter who will stay in your home and provide top-class care for your beloved animals. This is ideal for a rescue dog like Harry, helping him to feel secure in the familiarity of his own surroundings.

We arranged a meet-up with Maralyn and immediately liked her. More importantly, so did Harry. She has a gentle but confident manner and we felt we could trust her with both our home and our hound.

Since Him Indoors and I give the worst helicopter parents a run for their money where Harry is concerned, we were grateful for Maralyn’s regular text updates during our break.

Maralyn even introduced Harry to a partner in crime.

Maralyn even introduced Harry to a swan-stalking partner in crime.

The extensive diary she left for us on our return was impressive. As well as detailing his daily activities there were photographs and GPS maps of the trails they had taken.

On the road.

On the road.

Harry had some amazing adventures: parks, beaches, cafes and car trips. But as Maralyn rightly noted, his favourite place of all seemed to be back at our place. I’m with Harry – there’s no place like home.

Maralyn summed up our dog perfectly when she wrote: “He seems a happy boy who just wants to be near you, and doesn’t ask much except to throw a toy and be kind to him.”

We felt confident Maralyn gave him the star treatment by doing just that. What’s more, she left the house in a cleaner state than she found it. Here’s hoping for a return visit.

Harry enjoyed plenty of TLC

Harry enjoyed plenty of TLC.

To find out more about the Perfect Pet Sitter, visit www.perfectpetsitter.blogspot.com.au


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  1. Lisa

    So great that you connected with Maralyn, and thrilled it was through Puppy Tales. She definitely does sound like the perfect petsitter!!


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