Dog-friendly beach shenanigans in The Shire

It has come to our attention, thanks to some less-than-subtle comments from family and friends, that our dog is becoming a little stout around the middle.

Since Harry trembles with longing when he’s in the vicinity of food (Him Indoors is much the same actually), I often find myself wanting to over-compensate for any neglect in his past by sneaking him extra treats here and there.

However, while some portliness is forgivable in his golden years, we want our mutt to live a long and healthy life and have therefore been trying to curb the flow of treats and encourage more vigorous exercise.

A trip to the beach is one of the best ways to get Harry’s heart rate up and so we decided to give him some off-leash action at Greenhills Beach, near Cronulla.

The sands at Cronulla are forbidden for Fido.

The sands at Cronulla are forbidden for Fido.

We enjoyed an initial on-leash stroll and sniff along the boardwalk at Cronulla, then a bite to eat at one of the many pavement (so dog-friendly by default) cafes before driving a few minutes up the road to Greenhills Beach.

Dog on a mission.

Dog on a mission.

Greenhills is off-leash from 4pm to 10am daily. You’ll find it north of Wanda Beach and accessible via track 5 at the far end of the car park. Dogs must be kept on a leash in Wanda Reserve (the grassy area around the car park).

Taking a breather.

Taking a breather.

This long stretch of sand is ideal for dogs with boundless energy. It’s unpatrolled and seemed to be predominantly in use by dogs and their owners when we visited, allowing plenty of chance for canine socialisation.

He got friendly, down in the sand.

He got friendly, down in the sand.

As soon as Harry’s paws hit the sand he seems to get an injection of energy – and I get a little insight into what he might have been like as a puppy. Ah, if only we could have found each other sooner.

A trip to the beach is an exhilarating experience for all of us, with the chance to get some sea air, exercise and a release of endorphins. The only downside is it leaves us all feeling a bit like this by the end of the day:


For more information visit Sutherland Shire Council website.



7 thoughts on “Dog-friendly beach shenanigans in The Shire

    1. Kelly

      We love the off leash beach at Bayview too!
      Also ‘The Marina Cafe’ at Quays Marina Church Point ( always used to let us bring our dog and sit at the outdoor tables. We’ve moved house so sadly we haven’t been in a while. Hopefully the food is still lovely and it’s still dog friendly.

  1. Joanna

    The beach is the best for dogs! My two love it so much. And having them all tuckered out at the end of the day doesn’t necessarily strike me as a downside 😉 our downside is the mess! Billy dries off pretty quick, but if Ani has a swim she’s still wet the next day (unless I bring out the dreaded blow drier!)

    1. Sydney Dog Post author

      It’s more of a problem that we’re so tuckered out trying to keep up with Harry 😉 It’s like he turns back the clock 10 years when he hits the sand, so lovely to see – still working on getting him into the water though.

  2. Brigitte

    So great to see your dedication to get Harry back into shape! Especially considering the consequences of neglecting his weight. An overweight dog’s life span is shortened and quality of life drastically decreased. I’m also passionate about dog health and fitness. This is why I’ve launched the 100 happy doggy days campaign. 100 happy doggy days challenges dog owners to commit to walking their dog 100 days in a row and share it on social media using the hash tag #100happydoggydays. This was after I stumbled upon statistics that revealed dog owners are not regularly walking their dogs. in fact, one such study found up to 23% of dog owners in Australia don’t walk their dogs AT ALL! I was shocked, especially when I thought how unhealthy and unhappy my own dogs would be if I didn’t walk them every day.
    I’m now looking to prominent pet bloggers to show their support and help raise awareness of the importance of giving your dog essential exercise!
    You can check out our blog here:
    We’re also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

    Thanks and look forward to seeing more active photos of lil’ Harry! 🙂


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