Friends reunited at Sirius Cove

We’ve been hearing a lot about the dog-friendly beach at Sirius Cove, Mosman. One of the few spots in Sydney where dogs are allowed on the sand and in the water, so surely the perfect place for a playdate with an old friend?

Harry arrived early, eager with anticipation.

Harry arrived early, eager with anticipation.

We were there to meet Finn, a former pal of Harry’s from his days at Monika’s Doggie Rescue, whose owner Annette had recently spotted our blog and made contact.

A Monika’s Doggie Rescue volunteer, Annette also runs a website, Where Pets are Found, dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their owners, as well as finding homes for pets up for adoption.

Finn and Harry had been buddied up together at Monika’s due to their similar temperaments. It was hoped that the placid Finn would be a calming influence on Harry, who was struggling to cope with the pound environment. They had similar back stories, both having been rescued from Blacktown Pound, and, thankfully, they have both now found their forever homes.

When the big moment of reunion arrived, Finn gave Harry a warm welcome and became extra playful and energetic in his company.

Alas, Harry did not appear to remember Finn and showed him the same ambivalence he shows for most dogs. He did, however, briefly allow him access to the ball, which is pretty good for Harry.

Always more fun to share, Harry.

Always more fun to share, Harry.

Much more heart-warming was Annette’s reaction to seeing Harry again. Having recalled a fearful little hound who used to tremble when held, she was now greeted by a very different dog. One who wagged his tail and was very pleased to meet a new friend, especially such a keen ball-thrower!

It summed it up best when she remarked: “He was like a little old man and now he’s … a dog!”

While Harry still has his old man moments, he spends a lot of time like a playful puppy; never more so than when he hits the beach.

We’ve come a long way since doggie death row at Blacktown Pound.

We’ve come a long way since doggie death row at Blacktown Pound.

We had a very successful afternoon at Sirius Cove, with several games of ball on the grassy reserve and some energetic romps on the beach.

It’ll be a great place for a splash and cool down in summer and an ideal place for Fido to meet old friends and new.

Harry and Him Indoors wait for their ship to come in.

Harry and Him Indoors wait for their ship to come in.

Sirius Cove Reserve

Unleashed dogs are permitted on the beach, grassed areas of the reserve and in the water all day Monday to Friday and before 9am and after 4pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

For more information see Mosman Council website 

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  1. Serena | Pretty Fluffy

    This is such a beautiful post. Even though Harry didn’t remember Finn, the fact that they both went through their time there today and now have happier lives means the world. What a great day out for them 🙂


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