Surviving the dog days of summer at Silver Beach

The hot and humid days have been getting to Harry and he’s been very lethargic of late.

We thought a trip to the beach might liven him up and so we made our way to Botany Bay, where dogs are allowed off-leash at Kurnell’s Silver Beach.


Harry looks as morose as the weather as he gazes across Botany Bay.

Dogs are permitted any time between the third and fourth groynes (jetties) from the western end, although they are prohibited on other sections of the beach.

A storm was brewing on our drive down and the heavens opened as soon as we parked up. We took shelter with a coffee at Kurnell Village Store, which happily had undercover outdoor seating, until the rain eased off.


I need gum boots.

Harry’s aversion to the wet stuff includes rain water, bath water and salt water. So, as usual, he refused to enter the bay and remained resolutely on dry land, preferring to sniff the seashells and seaweed than try his luck in the shallows.

Taking in the sea air.

Taking in the sea air.

It’s a good sheltered spot for dogs who like to swim, although the off-leash section is quite a small stretch. Silver Beach was quiet on the grey and gloomy day we visited, but I imagine it could get crowded and a little crazy on a sunny day.


I don’t understand why I can’t eat the dead things I find on beaches.

Captain Cook’s landing place at Inscription Point is close by, in Kamay Botany Bay National Park.  There are walking tracks, a visitor centre, picnic spots and a lookout in the park, but unfortunately dogs are not allowed so we couldn’t explore this area.

A small children’s play area, reserve and public toilets are adjacent to the off-leash section of the beach. There’s plenty of on-street parking along Prince Charles Parade, as well as a car park at the western end.

For more information visit Sutherland Shire Council website.

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  1. CindyN

    Harry is absolutely gorgeous – what a beautiful face and expressive eyes he has. Looking forward to reading your other posts. Thank you.


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