A night at the flicks with Fido

We love a night at the movies but are less keen on leaving our hound home alone. So Centennial Park’s open-air Moonlight Cinema, with its dedicated Doggie Nights, is a highlight of our calendar.

Dogs are in fact permitted at any Moonlight Cinema session, on the condition that movie-going mutts are well-behaved and kept on a short leash. The regular Doggie Nights, scheduled throughout the season, are extra assurance that your dog is a legitimate and welcome guest.

Both Harry and Him Indoors are fond of their creature comforts, so Gold Grass tickets are worth the $35 investment: best seats in the house, a comfy bean bed to lounge on, and food and drink wait service from the friendly staff – who all seem to be dog-lovers, judging by the level of attention Harry received.

Harry spots a particularly enticing picnic at 12 o'clock.

Harry spots a particularly enticing picnic on the back row.

IMG_4300The Belvedere Amphitheatre is the perfect place to settle down with a picnic and a pig’s ear ahead of the film. As the sun goes down, bats circle overhead and Harry comes into his own as he becomes fly-and-mosquito-catcher extraordinaire. One snap of those jaws and pests are promptly eliminated – beats the Karate Kid and his chopsticks, hands down.

Who doesn't love the trailers?

Who doesn’t love the trailers?

Slightly less convenient is his tendency to bark at shadows once the sun sets. We had to gently remind him that nobody likes a noisy cinema patron.

Lights, camera, action.

Lights, camera, action.

Regular Doggie Nights are scheduled throughout the Moonlight Cinema season, which runs until March 29.

The closest entry to the cinema is via Woollahra Gate on Oxford Street.

For more information visit https://www.moonlight.com.au/sydney

House rules according to the Moonlight Cinema website:

  • Dogs must be kept on a short leash (2m or under) at all times.
  • The owner is required to pick up after the dog and keep it quiet during the film.
  • Remember to bring a drinking container and water for your dog.
  • Aggressive dogs will be denied entry. If a dog becomes aggressive or fights with another dog, the owner will be told to immediately remove their dog from the venue.
  • Dogs classified as “dangerous” or “restricted”, and dogs needing to be muzzled, will be denied entry.

4 thoughts on “A night at the flicks with Fido

  1. 1st World Dog

    Hi Ya! Just trying to understand from the Moonlight Cinema website… are dogs allowed at all sessions or just the specific ones? (i.e. the 11 March one). Ta. Bods

  2. Mary

    I love this blog!! I’ve visited kurnell beach, cafe bones and chew chew and my pooches loved it -all thanks to your woof of approval Harry! xx

  3. Marianne Hovde

    Hi Emma,

    just stumbled across your blog. Doggy cinema…. Love it! Harry looks like he had fun 🙂

    I can relate to not wanting to leave your dog at home. I just want to take my two babies everywhere with me.

    Thanks for sharing!


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