In sickness and in health

The past 18 months have been a challenge for Harry, who has been battling health issues which bordered for a brief time on the life-threatening.

In the last year he has made a good recovery, although he has never quite regained his former energy levels.

The problems began in 2015, when he began to suffer with a series of digestive complaints. He was losing weight rapidly, unable to tolerate food and plagued by chronic diarrhoea.

After a long journey of biopsies, blood tests, scans and eventually exploratory surgery, Harry was finally diagnosed with irritable bowel disease (IBD).

Visiting hours at the vet hospital

Visiting hours at the vet hospital

A dog with IBD is no fun for anyone. It’s been heartbreaking to watch our gentle boy suffer and his activity has been very limited.

We are managing the condition through a combination of immune suppressants and experimentation with novel protein and carbohydrate diets. Kangaroo and vegetables was dish of the day for a while, until Harry built up a resistance. White fish and sweet potato (yes, we do spend more time cooking for the dog than ourselves) is the current diet but I don’t like to think what will happen if he starts to reject that. If anyone can recommend a stockist for winged unicorn meat, please let me know…

Harry has displayed remarkable resilience throughout and, with the exception of an occasional flare-up, is back to his old self. And Him Indoors may have a future career as veterinary nurse given the amount of time he has devoted to researching small animal health.

Surgery did not dent Harry’s enthusiasm for ball-chasing: less than 48 hours after surgery he was attempting to play.

Surgery did not dent Harry’s enthusiasm for ball-chasing: less than 48 hours later he was attempting to play.

So here’s hoping for a happy and healthy 2017 with more dog-friendly adventures. We have managed some recent trips together and we’ll be posting about them shortly.

On the road to recovery.

On the road to recovery.

4 thoughts on “In sickness and in health

  1. Jenny

    Hi! Have you tried venison or goat? Or there is also crocodile around these days! There’s a few options to try after the fish isn’t working any more.
    Lots of challenges but you’re doing great 🙂

  2. Evelyn

    Very sorry to hear Harry has been ill, there’s nothing worse than watching your baby in pain ><
    Have you heard of Chew Chew Cafe in Wollstonecraft?
    The owner Naoko is a certified nutritionist and the main goal of her cafe is to help sick dogs so I am sure she will be very happy to help you. They also have freshly cooked meals that my dogs just LOVE, hopefully Harry will love them too!

    1. Sydney Dog Post author

      Hi Evelyn, very sorry for this late reply and thank you for your message. We went to Chew Chew as one of our first ever blog posts actually – glad to hear it’s still going. We might have to pay a return visit 🙂


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