A foreshore stroll (and a sit-down protest)

Since the onset of Harry’s illness, our progress with walking has suffered a setback. Never an enthusiastic walker, I can’t work out whether he’s too old and doddery these days, or just stubborn. Given his gusto for a game of ball the moment we get back from a walk, I suspect the latter.

However, since discipline is not our strong point, most days we resort to luring him out of the house with a piece of cheese or the promise of a car ride. Both tactics were employed the other weekend, when we embarked on the Glebe Foreshore Walk.

Best foot forward.

The walking track stretches from Bicentennial Park to the fish market at Pyrmont and offers off-leash access from Pope Paul Reserve to Ferry Road, 24 hours a day.

Dogs share the path with pedestrians and cyclists so it can be a little hectic – but it’s lovely to have a decent expanse where dogs can explore freely.

A stranger is just a friend we haven’t yet met.

Actually, two was company…

Starting at Ferry Road, we sniffed and strolled our way along the path through Blackwattle Bay Park. We enjoyed views of the water, city skyline and Anzac Bridge, while Harry remained ever hopeful there would be a café around the next corner. When there was not, he gave up the ghost and cemented himself into the ground for a (now familiar) sit-down protest.

I have decided to sit. And stay.

Our walk was over and we retreated to the car for a drive to the nearest café.

Glebe Foreshore Walk

Dogs can enjoy off-leash access from Pope Paul Reserve to Ferry Road, 24 hours a day. For more information, visit the City of Sydney website.

2 thoughts on “A foreshore stroll (and a sit-down protest)

  1. Kelly

    I just realised you’re back posting. So lovely to hear from Harry again!
    Harry reminds me of our Old English Sheepdog – she hated walks; really didn’t understand the point (of course the thing I most looked forward to when I got her was lots of walking!). So we’d drive her to the off leash park twice a day where she had unlimited energy for ball and Frisbee games. Absolutely no enthusiasm for walking anywhere.

    1. Sydney Dog Post author

      Thank you, Kelly 🙂 So at least we aren’t the only ones! I used to think all dogs loved walking… oh well, at least my ball-throwing arm always gets a good workout.


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