The end of our adventures

The time has come to officially end our blog, so this is a quick note to say cheerio and thank you so much for all your kind messages and comments over the last four and a half years.

I’ve loved hearing about your dogs, your pet-friendly recommendations – and we have had lots of fun visiting dog-friendly spots in and around Sydney. I hope the blog has been helpful in sharing our finds.

However, Harry is now quite a senior dog (about 14-15 we believe) and he is showing his age. Always a homebody, with his eyesight failing and energy levels dropping due to various health issues, he’s even more reticent to venture out.  So we stay in our favourite familiar spots – which makes Harry very happy, but isn’t much to blog about 🙂

If you are still interested in Harry updates, you can find us on Instagram and Facebook:   @smallcreaturesstudio where I continue to indulge my crazy dog lady streak with lots of dog sketches – art is proving to be a great hobby when you have a dog who just likes to stay home snoozing at your feet. Of course, Harry is often my model and I can’t help myself putting up the odd photo of him too. I’d love to hear from you – and if you have a cute dog, Instagram is often my inspiration for sketches so please give me a shout.

Emma and Harry x

9 thoughts on “The end of our adventures

  1. Karen

    Thanks for all your inspiration! I still have a few archived posts to read through to keep me going. Have you considered turning your hobby into a career? I would pay for a sketch of my dog.

    Best wishes to Harry in his retirement!

    1. Sydney Dog Post author

      Thank you Karen, I really appreciate your message x I would LOVE to turn my hobby into a career one day. I do take commissions and love drawing other people’s dogs too. I’ll be crazy dog lady forever 🙂

  2. Cindy

    Thank you, Emma and Harry. I’ve enjoyed your posts immensely. Wishing you well, and maybe I’ll see you over on Facebook. Have a Merry Christmas.

  3. Rachel

    So glad I can still follow the adventures of Harry on Instagram ! You should check out @bchipster on Insta for Hachi – Harry’s long lost brother from DoggieRescue ! Your drawings are really lovely x

      1. Rachel

        Yes ! Harry was Ace at doggierescue right ? I remember them both ! They came in together and doggierescue believed they were “brothers” but they weren’t super bonded or reliant on each other like some siblings are so they didn’t end up being a pair…. I remember Harry’s ball obsession well ! I think Hatchi was the same. Both boys ended up in fabulous homes – very lucky xx

        1. Sydney Dog Post author

          Yes, that was Harry!! And age doesn’t slow him when it comes to the ball, he loves his play time 🙂 I checked out Hatchi on Insta – he does look like Harry! We’ve often wondered what happened to his brother (we were told they didn’t particularly get on otherwise I think we would have adopted both) so very happy to know he’s living the good life too. Thanks so much Rachel, made our night looking at Hatchi on Instagram x

  4. Finndawg

    Hazza-ma-dazza… sorry to see you are retiring, but you deserve it. I hope to see you around the interwebs with the mum, and maybe see you at a park one day. I had a knee recon 12mths ago & am pretty good now, got a few more years sprinting in me yet. Happy New Year pal, #Finndawg xo


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