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The end of our adventures

The time has come to officially end our blog, so this is a quick note to say cheerio and thank you so much for all your kind messages and comments over the last four and a half years.

I’ve loved hearing about your dogs, your pet-friendly recommendations – and we have had lots of fun visiting dog-friendly spots in and around Sydney. I hope the blog has been helpful in sharing our finds.

However, Harry is now quite a senior dog (about 14-15 we believe) and he is showing his age. Always a homebody, with his eyesight failing and energy levels dropping due to various health issues, he’s even more reticent to venture out.  So we stay in our favourite familiar spots – which makes Harry very happy, but isn’t much to blog about 🙂

If you are still interested in Harry updates, you can find us on Instagram and Facebook:   @smallcreaturesstudio where I continue to indulge my crazy dog lady streak with lots of dog sketches – art is proving to be a great hobby when you have a dog who just likes to stay home snoozing at your feet. Of course, Harry is often my model and I can’t help myself putting up the odd photo of him too. I’d love to hear from you – and if you have a cute dog, Instagram is often my inspiration for sketches so please give me a shout.

Emma and Harry x

A dog’s-eye view of Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden

We recently enjoyed our first visit to what has to be one of Sydney’s most magical spots: Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden, in Lavender Bay.

This place is an inspiration for any guerrilla gardener.

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A foreshore stroll (and a sit-down protest)

Since the onset of Harry’s illness, our progress with walking has suffered a setback. Never an enthusiastic walker, I can’t work out whether he’s too old and doddery these days, or just stubborn. Given his gusto for a game of ball the moment we get back from a walk, I suspect the latter.

However, since discipline is not our strong point, most days we resort to luring him out of the house with a piece of cheese or the promise of a car ride. Both tactics were employed the other weekend, when we embarked on the Glebe Foreshore Walk.

Best foot forward.

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A respite from the heat in Sydney’s rainforest retreat

These high temperatures can put even the most active dogs off their daily walk. Now Harry is a such a good walker (*glows with pride) I don’t want the warmer weather to put him off our daily constitutional, so we’ve been seeking out shady excursions that aren’t too taxing for either of us.

We discovered Cooper Park last year, after it was recommended to us by a friend and fellow dog-owner. And what a beautiful find: just a few minutes’ from Bondi Junction, this is a lush and expansive place of peacefulness.

Welcome to Cooper Park.

Welcome to Cooper Park.

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Friends reunited at Sirius Cove

We’ve been hearing a lot about the dog-friendly beach at Sirius Cove, Mosman. One of the few spots in Sydney where dogs are allowed on the sand and in the water, so surely the perfect place for a playdate with an old friend?

Harry arrived early, eager with anticipation.

Harry arrived early, eager with anticipation.

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Celebrating in Sydney Park with a dog that will (finally) walk!

We have had a breakthrough with the walking issue. It’s not been easy and it’s still not perfect, but it is significant progress – and definitely worth celebrating with a trip to one of Sydney’s most expansive and dog-friendly parks, Sydney Park in St Peters.

Hiking the hills at Sydney Park.

And here’s how we do it:

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What to do with a dog that won’t walk?

Back in the days before Harry, I used to envisage my life with a dog to be one of boundless activity, where I make my dog’s day simply by taking him out for a stroll and a sniff. Just the prospect of someone picking up the leash has sent every dog I’ve ever known into a frenzied excitement – so when Harry came to live with us last June, it was a shock to discover not all dogs enjoy a daily constitutional.

I’ll just stay here on the sofa instead.

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A Sunday social at Sydney’s Café Bones.

On the bank of Leichhardt’s Hawthorne Canal, Café Bones is an institution among Sydney dog-lovers.

This dedicated dog-friendly eatery offers both human and canine refreshments – including the famous pupaccino – and has only outdoor seating, meaning no discrimination against patrons who think the best café company is a dog.

Harry’s Sunday session.

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Park life

Sydney’s unseasonably warm weather of late has been perfect for exploring the city’s dog-friendly parks.

One of our favourite green spaces in which to spend a sunny afternoon is, of course, Centennial Park. And since this weekend marks the three-month anniversary since we brought Harry home from Monika’s Doggie Rescue, what better way to celebrate than with a picnic in the park?

Harry is rather partial to a picnic.

Harry is rather partial to a picnic.

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