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Harry’s Great Escape

We’ve long been a fan of the Shoalhaven and when the local council goes to the trouble of producing a dedicated dog-friendly holiday guide, is it any wonder?

Holiday-planning with the help of Shoalhaven’s pet-friendly guide.

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First family holiday in the dog-friendly Shoalhaven

Him Indoors recently read somewhere that dogs yawning at the same time as their owners is a sign of empathy and affection.

Keen to put this theory to the test, he has since spent many an evening sitting in front of Harry and repeatedly flexing his jaws like a Hungry Hippo. It was enough to bore us all senseless, so when Harry finally rewarded his efforts and gave a yawn back, there was much rejoicing from everyone in the household.

It was in this new cocoon of familial love that we set off on our first holiday together.

For Harry, a car journey is one of life’s great joys (so much so, in fact, that he regularly tries to jump in the back seat of any car that stops in the street) therefore it was only fitting that our first holiday would be a road trip. The chance to watch the world go by, wind whipping back his ears… it’s bliss for a mutt in the prime of his life. The two-hour drive down the coast to the Shoalhaven also provided ample opportunity for Him Indoors to remark upon the marvels of being loved by a dog…

Chilling in the vines at Crooked River.

Chilling in the vines at Crooked River.

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Beach time

About an hour south of Sydney, the coastal village of Coledale in the northern Illawarra boasts some highly popular off-leash sands. Sharkey’s Beach, Coledale allows dogs to romp around at all times of the day and is also a popular local surf spot, for those with dogs who like to chase the waves.  Just off Lawrence Hargrave Drive, it’s expansive enough to get in a decent walk but far enough from the road to appease over-anxious new dog-owners like Him Indoors, who has taken on the role of responsible dog parent with gusto.

I’ve been visiting this beach for several years now and, I’ll confess, have longed for the day when I could bring my own dog. Our first experience didn’t disappoint.

Neither Harry nor I are natural runners - but the beach brings out the best in both of us.

Neither Harry nor I are natural runners – but the beach brings out the best in both of us.

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