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Pupcakes and cupcakes for our one-year anniversary

It’s one year today since we adopted “golden oldie” rescue hound, Harry – and the past year has been a big journey for all three of us.

Something to celebrate.

Harry is a different dog entirely: playful, affectionate and a lot less fearful than he was this time last year. He’s still reluctant to leave our home (although this is getting less and less the case), still jumps at shadows, and still runs for cover when Him Indoors loudly cheers on his football team. But I’m confident we’ve made progress and we’ll make a lot more in the years to come. Continue reading

And then there were three

We were only supposed to be volunteer dog-walking at the rescue shelter. We didn’t have time for a dog, Him Indoors most definitely didn’t want a dog, and therefore we were Most Definitely Not Getting A Dog.

And then we met Harry.

Harry the heart-stealer

Harry the heart-stealer.

Continue reading